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O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows

A Look at O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows

O'Sullivan Bricks & Windows is a locally owned & operated business, established in 1999. Located in Shepparton we primarily supply the North, Central & North East regions of Victoria and have also supplied into the south of the state.

When you look at O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows, you will see more than just bricks, windows & doors.  O’Sullivan Bricks and Windows is a business that proudly serves.

We are a window manufacturer with a deep commitment to helping you find the right products with the least amount of frustration. O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows' windows, doors  are made to measure. Although our products are made to measure, our commitment to quality cannot be measured.

We also offer the full range of PGH Bricks & Boral Cultured Stone with an extensive display available.  With such a wide variety to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.  Be it pressed, sandstock or extruded bricks.

We take pride in creating a better view for you.

At O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows, you will see the dedication to service of a highly-skilled team of local professionals. Though we specialize in window and door renovation projects, we handle each project with the same kid-glove care, whether from renovator, builder, owner, or handyman. Take a look at O'Sullivan Bricks and Windows. Contact us today!

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